The Truth Behind Instagram and Its Data Usage

When thinking about apps that consumed all of your data, you’ve probably seen Netflix and YouTube as the main culprit. But in reality, they are not. Though videos are pretty greedy when it comes to data consumption.

But on the other hand, this app may surprise you. Instagram is one of the most intensive data apps that can consume most of your allotted mobile data. According to recent statistics, Instagram can consume more than 60-90mb per five minutes. But how’s that possible? Continue reading this article to find out.

Social media experts run multiple tests to confirm the allegation of data consumption. For instance, Netflix app uses approximately 250mb of data in an hour on default mode. And, 170mb per hour if settings are set on “save data.” On the other hand, Spotify uses approximately 140mb per hour if the audio quality is on the highest peak.

Usually, people tend not to link heavy data consumption when it comes to social media platforms. But in some cases, you may think that it does make sense. But why do you think it’s possible? Well, Instagram is indeed all about photos and videos, while Facebook and Twitter focus on text-based.

Your data consumption will vary depending on how you use the app itself. For example, you may use Instagram for scrolling through your feed without watching any clips, sharing, and uploading photos or stories. However, if you’re an Instagram addict who loves to post every “Instagram-worthy” picture on their feed, liking different photos, and watching video clips, then expect that you’ll burn a lot of mobile data before noticing it.


Did you know, you can burn as much as 500mb for 30 minutes per day? Yeah, that’s 15 GB per month to be exact. Shocked? Don’t be. So, how much data does Instagram use? Well, find out below.

Instagram Data Consumption: Scrolling and Liking Some Photos

Like what was mentioned above, your Instagram data consumption will vary depending on your activity. For example, you focus on browsing without doing anything. Below is a detailed representation of data consumption per hour, per day, per week, and month.

Note: Assume that you’ve liked several photos through scrolling.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

See? That’s a lot even without doing anything!

Instagram Data Consumption: Scrolling, Liking Photos, Watching Short Video Clips

Are you ready? What’s more, if you’re an Instagram addict that loves to scroll, like, and watching short video clips?


Note: Assume that you’ve watched few-several videos.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Shocked? That’s how Instagram eat your mobile data.

Scrolling, Liking Photos, Watching Short Video Clips, IG Stories, and Uploading

Calm down, and there’s more! Below are the following data consumption of Instagram if you do the following on the platform:

● Scrolling
● Liking photos
● Watching video clips
● Watching IG stories
● Uploading pictures and stories

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Oh! That’s a massive amount of mobile data. Of course, with lots of Instagram activities, for sure you’ll consume a lot. Though there are ways on how to conserve your data usage. Instagram app has a feature called “data saver mode,” activating it will lessen your data consumption per day in one hour for at least 50% data usage. So, for example, you use Instagram for one hour by scrolling through your feed, and you activated data saver mode, the total data consumption would be 50mb instead of 100mb (refer to table 1).

Tips and Tricks to Conserve Data Consumption in Instagram

As you can see above, if you not use your Instagram wisely, you’ll consume not only data but lots of money as well. Data plans nowadays are expensive, especially in Singapore. Every MB that you use is essential with your data plan. With HD photos and videos present on Instagram today, sure, it can quickly consume all your mobile data within a couple of hours.

But don’t worry, there are some tips and tricks that you can do to lessen your data consumption. Here they are:

1. Use Less Data Option

Open your Instagram account, go to your Profile. Open Settings and opt Cellular Data Use. Then, opt-out of the “Use Less Data” button. Though, activating this feature may affect the quality of Instagram, such as take longer to load for photos and videos.

2. Use Data Manager

Installing any Data Manager to your smartphone may help with managing your data consumption. Not only with Instagram, but in all applications that use data. It can breakdown which application consume a lot, and it’ll automatically send an alert that you’re going to exceed your allotted data.

The key to conserving your Instagram data consumption is to limit yourself from using it. Always keep in mind that data plans are too expensive. So if you’re on tight, use Instagram according to your allocated budget.