Step By Step Guide On The iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown

iPhones are known to be very complicated devices to break down. But if you want to learn how to do it the right way, then this article is definitely for you. If you want to know more about what’s inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max, then you should learn the proper teardown process. Here’s the step by step guide to making this teardown much easier for you. The X-Ray View Of iPhone 11 Pro Max On an X-Ray preview, it shows that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same single-cell design as the one in iPhone XS. Apple made the logic board a bit smaller to make more room for three cameras. It also appears to have a new board sitting right below the battery. Is this the reason why the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a bilateral wireless charging feature? Let’s find out! The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Extras The new iPhone 11 Pro Max has extra material around its middle part. Also, it has quite a LOT of cameras! The camera plateau now has ramped edges to make it blend with the back of the phone. They are available in midnight gree, silver, space gray, and gold colors to choose from. Definitely some new colors to spice it all up. Another thing to note before looking inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max is that there Apple logo centered. The model number is also hidden in the SIM tray. iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown Process It is definitely a fancier iPhone, but the opening procedure is still the same, but with a twist. In order to free the pentalobes, you need to use a fixed-bladed P2 driver. You will also need an opening pick to be able to do the job before you can lift the display. So what do you see inside? What’s going to catch your attention first is the huge L-shaped battery. It also comes with two battery connectors. This is probably the secret to bilateral charging. But what’s amazing is that the phone can function even without the charging-port-end connected. If you disconnect the lower cable, the phone will still charge through the Lightning port but you cannot do it with the wireless charging coil. Also, if you disconnect the main cable that connects directly to the logic board, the device will shut down and would not boot even if the other cable is connected. iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Software Magic Apple surely focused more on this device’s software in order to improve its image quality. The biggest upgrade so far is the ultra-wide-angle lens/sensor. The standard wide-angle and telephoto lenses were also upgraded with its ISO range as well as the shutter speed. The front-facing camera also got a resolution boost. For the FaceID sensor, its front-facing camera now comes in 12MP. The cables are also easier to remove because they are not trapped under the battery. Meet The Three Eyes! For the iPhone 11 Pro Max, its eyes say it all. And this device got three of them! Within that area is also where you can locate the flash and the microphone hole. The cameras are together but each has its independent cable. iPhone 11 Pro Max Logic Board You can use a special tool to free the logic board. But be prepared because the new board is is something that you probably saw before. The logic board of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is similar to the construction of the iPhone 11 Pro. They have the same shape, similar dual-layer design, and you can also use the same separation procedure. Heat it up a bit and pry a little to peel off the interconnected board. This is where you will see the A13 processor and a lot of silicon that is jammed to these tiny boards. With the chip detector, here are the most possible parts that can be identified: ● Apple APL1092 343S00355 PMIC ● Apple APL1W85 A13 Bionic SoC that is on top of the SK Hynix H9HKNNNCRMMVDR-NEH LPDDR4X ● Avago 8100 Mid/High band PAMiD ● Cirrus Logic 338S00509 audio codec ● Skyworks 78221-17 low-band PAMiD ● STMicroelectronics STB601A0N power management IC ● USI module Here’s what you can find in the RF Board: ● 81013 – Qorvo Envelope Tracking ● Apple/USI 339S00648 WiFi/Bluetooth SoC ● Intel 5765 P10 A15 08B13 H1925 transceiver ● Intel 6840 P10 409 H1924 baseband PMIC ● Intel X927YD2Q modem ● Skyworks 13797-19 DRx ● Skyworks 78223-17 PAM The Toshiba TSB 4226VE9461CHNA1 1927 64 GB flash storage and the YY NEC 9M9a are the parts that you can find on the top side. Aside from all the chips, there is a graphite thermal transfer material for the RF board. Checking Out The Battery If you turn the battery, you will find repair-friendly features. But the Taptic Engine will not let you do it easily because of the stretch-release adhesive strips being used to secure it in place. Once the strips are stretched away, the battery will easily lift from the iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery is huge. It’s a powerhouse of 3969 mAh at 3.79 V. This L-shaped single-cell design is similar to the iPhone XS. The mystery board mentioned above that is just below the battery serves as its interconnect for the wireless charging coil, the battery, and also for the Taptic engine. There is also a secondary battery connector plugged adjacent to the wireless charging coil. You can also remove a barometric sensor that has an ingress proofing o-ring. After this, all of the components are already attached to the frame. The interconnected board house the STMicroelectronics STPMB0 929AGK HQHQ96 153915, Apple 338S00411 audio amplifiers, and the TI 97A8R78 SN261140 A0N0T. iPhone 11 Pro Max Display The device has an XDR display. What changed from the XS is the three flex cables that can make it difficult to slice through during a phone repair. The 3D Touch layer is gone. Also, you can find here the S2D0S23 G1927K3Q 608HVG chip. Lightning Connector Assembly This is attached to the new interconnect board. But it is is not easy to remove even though there are plenty of screws and glues that hold in place. If you take a peek at each camera module, you will find the AD5844CDA0 chip. The Thermal Pads You will also find three additional thermal pads that are lining the back case. Each of these pad sits at the top through its steel case lining. Each pad is also connected by a flex cable to a complex antenna bus. There’s definitely a lot of new additions to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you think you are ready to tear one down, do not forget to review this article so you know what to expect the moment you are ready to take this device apart, probably for repair or only for curiosity’s sake.

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