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Samsung Repair

Get your Samsung Phone repaired in Singapore with Certified Samsung Repairs high-quality repair service with accredited technicians. We specialize in cracked Samsung screen, water damage, charging port, motherboard repairs. With our excellent service and 20,000 Satisfied Customer Record, your Samsung Phone is in the right hands.

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Samsung Phone Repair

Samsung Models We Commonly Repair

Samsung Screen Repair

Get your Samsung screen replacement with genuine Samsung Parts. Your cracked Samsung screen can be change in under 30 minutes by our doorstep repair ready technical staff at your home or workplace.

Certified Samsung Screen Repair
Certified Change iPhone Battery

Samsung Battery Replacement

Samsung battery replaced in 15minutes. This is how long it will take for us to change your Samsung battery. We are using the highest grade OEM(Official Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Cheaper than Samsung Repair Store.

Samsung OLED Display

All Samsung models from S3 onwards are using OLED screens. These are very expensive even at the Samsung Store. We can fix the S10 Screen within 30-40 minutes and give you a 3 month warranty.

iPhone Screen Repair Singapore
iPhone Motherboard Repair Singapore

Samsung Motherboard Repair

If you have issues with your Samsung motherboard which will need fixing. We can replace the baseband or power IC for your phone which will allow everything to function normally again.

Samsung Button Repair

If you have any issues on any of the buttons on your device, we can replace it with our high-quality buttons and ensure that it feels like a brand new phone.

Change iPhone Home Button
iPhone Damaged by Water Repair

Samsung Water Damage Repair

If you accidentally dropped your Samsung on water or you're having any water insertion issues, please immediately switch off the device and bring it to our store, we will fix the issue within a couple of hours.

Samsung Camera Repair

If your Samsung Phone's camera is not working, or if you are having any issues with your cameras, please come to our store and we can repair that or replace it with a genuine Samsung Camera(s)

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iPhone Damaged by Water Repair

Samsung Repair FAQ

Here are the frequently asked questions about our Samsung Repair