Price Plans Availability by StarHub, Singtel, and M1 for iPhone 11 in Singapore

Apple released its new latest three iPhone models, namely – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new iPhone is a successor of last year’s iPhone XR. And according to Apple, compared to its predecessor, iPhone 11 was built with high-end materials. Moreover, new iPhone Models are filled with the new latest Apple technology, which makes them an excellent phone in the history of Apple.

But the problem is, you don’t have enough cash to buy these Apple flagships this coming September 20. So, the only solution for you is to get them via a plan contract with a big data bundle. Well, it’s not a problem if the phone plan is getting paid by your employer, but if you’re going to pay it for yourself, then be prepared – or else, you’ll be left behind.

So, regardless of the price tag if you get them pre-ordered by the Apple store, below are the different price plans availability from Singapore big telcos such as StarHub, Singtel, and M1 for the new iPhone 11.


This Singaporean telco giants first released its plan contract for new iPhones. They offer an installment plan for up to 24 months. You can get the brand new iPhone 11 together with the monthly recurring charges for data bundle, calls, text, etc. Moreover, there’s no cashout so that you can get the device immediately at $0.

Iphone Repair Singapore (Source: Apple) Here is the table for a detailed StarHub price plan for iPhone 11. Assume that the plan contract is set to a 24-month installment option. Note: All the currency is set to SGD.
Model$50 Plan$75 Plan$105 Plan$238 Plan
iPhone 11 (64GB)$587$359$1100
iPhone 11 (128GB)$651$423$1750
iPhone 11 (256GB)$806$578$330$120
Below are the perks of each plan contract:
$50 Plan$75 Plan$105 Plan$238 Plan
5 GB of data30 GB of data60 GB of data100 GB of data
100 minutes300 minutes500 minutes1000 minutes
Caller number displayCaller number displayCaller number displayCaller number display
Free 10Gb and weekend data for 24 monthsFree 10 GB weekend data monthly for 24 monthsFree 10GB weekend data monthly for 24 months$500 yearly Handset Voucher
Free 10 GB weekend data for 24 months
Singtel For some unknown reasons, Singtel has recently announced its plan availability for iPhone 11. Compared to StarHub, they have their standard Combo plans, and for the consumer who prefers the bigger size of data, they have XO plans for you. Moreover, you get free HBO GO subscriptions in both plan. Here are the Combo plans:
Combo 2Combo 3Combo 6Combo 12
2 GB Data3 GB Data6 GB Data12 GB Data
200 Minutes of CallsUnlimited Minutes of CallsUnlimited Minutes of CallsUnlimited Minutes of Calls
1000 SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMS
Free 24 months of Entertainment PlusFree 24 months of Entertainment PlusFree 24 months of HBO Go and Entertainment PlusFree 24 months of HBO Go and Entertainment Plus
Additional $500 yearly phone voucher
$42.90 monthly$68.90 monthly$95.90 monthly$239.90 monthly
iPhone 11iPhone 11iPhone 11iPhone 11
64 GB – $658.0064 GB – $428.0064 GB-$178.0064 GB – $0
128 GB – $718.00128 GB – $488.00128 GB-$248.00128 GB -$0
256 GB – $878.00256 GB – $638.00256 GB-$398.00256 GB -$0
M1 After StarHub announces their price plan availability, the next one to release is M1 Telco. Compared to the two Telco giants listed above, M1 is offering overhauled mobile plans for its consumers. You have an option to acquire a new iPhone purchase for up to $600 off if you’re going to trade your old iPhone device. See the price plan contract below:
Base Plan and Add-ons$30 Base Plan+$20 Add-on+$48 Add-on+$80 Add-on+$205 Add-on
12 GB of Data
100 Minutes of Calls
100 SMS17 GB of Data
200 Minutes of Calls
200 SMS42 GB of Data
300 Minutes of Calls
300 SMS78 GB of Data
500 Minutes of Calls
500 SMS112 GB of Data
Unlimited Minutes of Calls
1000 SMS
iPhone 11 64 GB$770$575$315$70$0
iPhone 11 128 GB$835$640$380$130$0
iPhone 11 256 GB$990$795$535$285$0

Top Reasons to Buy iPhone 11

Here are the top reasons why you should need to pick iPhone 11 instead of Pro and Max
  • The iPhone 11 is cheaper compared to Pro and Max
  • It comes with different chassis colors than Pro
  • It has the ideal screen size (6.1-inch display) – not too big and not too small
  • It has a Liquid Retina display which makes them unique and fantastic compared to other models
  • iPhone 11 has two identical rear cameras – 12mp wide-angle and another 12mp ultra-wide lens
  • It has two identical front-facing cameras which make them perfect for capturing selfies
  • All the three new models have the same CPU and GPU which is Apple’s latest technology called A13 Bionic Chip
  • All three new models have many similar features and specifications.