Mobile Legends Data Usage: How Much Data Does The Game Consumed?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game which consists of five players in each team. The main goal of the game is to play the session as a whole team. Each team member should help one another to destroy the base of the opponent team.

MLBB is developed and created by a gaming company called Moonton. The game is designed for players who prefer gaming through mobile phones. But if you prefer playing on PC, download the game by using an Android or IOS emulator you can also enjoy MLBB by downloading an Android or IOS emulator. Moreover, this game is pretty similar to other mobile games like Dota 2 and LOL (League Of Legends).

Because of the graphics, character design, and gameplay, many players around the globe, especially in Asia like the Philippines and Singapore, are getting crazier playing this game. To enjoy the game, you need an internet connection and reliable data to enter a match. Once you’ve found a match, you’ll wait for another four players to enter the game.

You can maximize your gaming experience if you have better data with you. Usually, it is recommended to have at least 4G connection for mobile data, and at least 2mbps or higher if home internet. But for others who have a limited internet connection, keeping track of their data usage is crucial.

Mobile Legends and Data Usage

If you love playing Mobile Legends on your mobile hotspot or any mobile broadband connection, then it’s time to be aware of your data usage. Doing this can prevent you from extra charges and throttled speeds. Playing in a limited connection is a real challenge, and can make your gaming experience annoying.

Of course, as a gamer, you don’t want to interrupt your playing session.

Once all of your data has been consumed, and you’re currently in the middle of the game, your session will automatically be disconnected and can result from losing your hard-earned stars. And that is a nightmare for every MLBB player.


So to prevent this from happening, a player should know how much data does mobile legends use per game. It is also much better to have an idea of how much data it’ll consume if played daily, weekly, or monthly.

How Much Data Did It Consume?

Knowing the data consumption of the game allows you to make a decision on when to play and when to stop. Moreover, the data is not only for loading the game, but it is also used to perform different gaming levels, graphics, chatbox, etc. To give you a detailed example of data usage, below is the table of standard data consumption of Mobile Legends.

Assume that the settings of the game are set on the standard gameplay (classic mode).

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

The above data is set for a standard gaming mode. Meaning, all the settings have been set to the default gameplay setting. But for a more high-end gaming interface, data consumption will vary. See data consumption below for the advance gameplay setting (classic mode).

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Different Game Mode and Its Data Consumption

In Mobile Legends there are six different game modes, and each game mode has different data consumption (assume that the gameplay setting is at default mode).


Classic Mode

This is the primary game mode of MLBB. Two teams are fighting against each other, and each team should consist of five players. There are three different lanes, such as Top, Middle, and Bottom, that needs to be destroyed by each team. Once the opponent team has destroyed all the tower and main base, then the team will be declared as the winner.

Data consumption for classic mode was mentioned earlier, see table 1 and table 2 for the reference.


It is similar to classic, but when you win, you’ll get a star. These stars are used to determine your rank in the game system. Below is the sample data consumption of playing in rank game mode.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month


This is also similar to classic mode, but it only consists of 1 lane. Below is the sample data consumption of playing in brawl game mode.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month


Same with classic, but instead of live-online players, your opponent is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Below is the sample data consumption of playing A.I game mode.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month