LYK Phone Repair Singapore
LYK repair is a team of talented professionals with excellent knowledge and experience in the repair of smartphones. They are the best professionals to repair your device and bring it back to operational mode.

They offer their services in an efficient and transparent manner, making them the best repair shop in Singapore. Do not waste your precious smartphone or iPad by taking it to other repair shops, but take it to LYK repair for quality repair services.

LYK repair Working hours:

Why choose LYK repair?

They have friendly professionals ready and willing to attend to your needs. They also offer a warranty on any part they fix on your device. Their reliable specialists can also travel to you if you are willing to cater for the cost. At LYK repair, you will get instant repair services. They are super fast, with an iPhone repair lasting for only 25 minutes and iPad repair lasting for only 1 hour. Visit them and you will be assured of quality services. They only use high-quality parts for repair.

You can visit LYK repair on Mon-Sat 11:00 AM-9:00 PM. Visit them and they will reunite you with your device. Customer satisfaction is their first priority, and that is why their team does everything possible for customer satisfaction.

Services offered:

LYK Repair offers its customers with the following services:

Cracked Screen/LCD repair
Battery replacement
Charging Port Repair
Motherboard Repair
iPhone Back Housing replacement
Water damage repair
Camera case repair service
Network Repair
They deal with the following brands of mobile devices:

iPhone 7
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
LYK repair also able to do the following:

Replace power/home button
Replace damaged charging ports
SIM unlock
Replace burnt out microprocessors
Re-flash your drive in the case of software/OS corruption
What makes them unique?

Professional Service
They have a talented team of technicians with many years of experience. They are focused on customer satisfaction. They give reliable advice and accurate estimations for every job.

High-Quality spare parts
Their spare parts are the best compared to any other mobile repair shop in Singapore. Their parts also come with a warranty.

Affordable prices
They have some of the most competitive pricing in the market. They don’t have any extra charges besides the pay for spares and repair services.

Fast convenient service
Their engineers work together to provide you with the fastest services possible. Enjoy a snack and make use of their free WI-FI as you wait for your device to be repaired.

Working Magic on Singapore’s’ Devices
Don’t let a cracked phone screen or broken home button get you down. LYK repair delivers factory-quality repairs and replacements for broken devices. Whether it is water damage, a bad drop, or something spilled in the ports, they are available to sort out the issue on your behalf. Talk to their staff and find out how easy it could be for your device to be repaired in the shortest time possible.

Convenient & Friendly Professional
Modern mobile devices are complex and there is a lot that can go wrong with a new-model phone. Fortunately, they have got the solution to every problem with your device. With the highest quality parts and the most skilled technicians, they can undo everything from cracked screens, water damage, electrical shorting and other damages.

They ensure that your photos, music, movies, and contacts stay accessible and you don’t have to buy a new device. They want to make the repair process as simple, easy and pleasant as possible for all their clients. They understand how irritating and upsetting it can be for you to lose your device. Visit them and you will never be disappointed.

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