iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Review: Reveal the Price, Specs, and Telco Plans in Singapore

Even though iPhones are pretty expensive, every buyer likes to take a look at the latest models to know what Apple is offering now. The world was eagerly waiting for new models of iPhone and Apple did not disappoint its customers. No more speculations now because the iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max are already there in the market.

These two models are improved variants of iPhone X. The new iPhones offer improved features and better user experience than iPhone X. Continue reading to reveal why the latest iPhone models are so exciting and what makes them better than other innovative smartphones.

What is new?

Apple is featuring the best combination of software and hardware in iPhone Xs and XS Max. You cannot spot the difference between these two models just by looking at them. Battery life and display look pretty identical.

The 6.5” OLED display featured with XS Max will certainly draw the attention of many people, who want to use devices with top quality display. iPhone XS is also coming with many exciting updates. It is featuring the latest camera system to capture better pictures. It is pretty hard to find an Android phone that can compete against XS in terms of picture quality. Such improvements simply improve the value ad performance of these phones.

The latest improvements can be summarized as:
• Both models are equipped with better cameras. Clicking high-quality pictures in low light conditions will not be a big issue for XS and XS Max users. The latest depth control for portrait also works flawlessly.
• Apple has equipped these phones with A12 Bionic chip which is much faster than the leading Android smartphone models.
• The regular iPhone XS might look as compelling as the XS Max because this model is featuring much longer battery life and a larger screen in comparison to XS.
• You must switch to iPhone XS or XS max if you are still using iPhone 7 or an earlier version of iPhone. These new features will totally change the way you use smartphones.

The design:

It would not feel much different if you are using Apple’s 5.8” iPhone X or 7 Plus. The buyers say its premium feel satisfies your demand of carrying the best smartphone in the world. The XS Max features a large size 6” display which makes it look a bit larger than its predecessors in size.

However, the truth is you get a larger screen on the same size smartphone. Apple has simply increased the size of the display without increasing the size of the phone. That’s the genius of Apple and iPhone designers. The bezels and buttons are reduced.

It is not one of those skinny-jeans phones. You may not be able to use this device by one hand. You will have to use both of your hands to operate iPhone XS and XS Max in a flawless way. These two phones are a bit heavier than Samsung Galaxy 9, but you will not find it difficult to carry either of iPhone’s two latest phones in your pocket.

Prefer using iPhone XS if you want a phone for one-handed use. It is 5.8” in size and it feels much shorter and narrower than the latest iPhone XS Max. Both models look perfect in Gold colors. Both models are featuring glass backs which reflect the light to make your phone look more eye-catching. Apple has stated that the latest iPhone models are featuring the most durable glass. We must wait for customer reviews to reveal the fact because one cannot find the truth without testing these devices.


Every company is competing to design bigger size smartphones. Apple is also in the competition now because its 5.8” iPhone XS and 6.5” XS Max are among some of the largest smartphones designed till the date. You can OLED display with XS Max. You can split the screen and run two apps together. Top quality display creates an illusion of using a desktop screen. You get better hues and experience true HD videos on these phones.


Apple’s iPhones have always faced criticism because of poor camera quality. Google’s Pixel 2 has won the battle against iPhone X because that phone captured better pictures in low light conditions. Now the latest iPhone XS and XS Max are featuring dual 12 MP cameras in the rear and a 7 MP front camera. These cameras have deeper pixels than any other smartphone available in the market. These phones can capture high-quality pictures in low light conditions. No sacrifice with sharpness, larger pixels, and top-notch aperture make XS and XS Max the best smartphones for photography.

Key specs:

Check the https://www.apple.com/sg/iphone-xs/specs/ for Xs & Xs Max Specifications

iPhone XS:
• A12 Bionic Processor
• 5.8” OLED screen
• 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options
• Dual 12mp wide rear cameras with f/1.8 and telephoto f2.4 lenses and a 7mp front camera
• Battery can last up to 9 hours
• Featuring stainless steel frame
• Face ID

iPhone XS Max
• A12 Bionic Processor
• 6.5” OLED screen
• 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options
• Dual 12mp wide rear cameras with f/1.8 and telephoto f2.4 lenses and a 7mp front camera
• Battery can last up to 10:39 hours
• Featuring stainless steel frame
• Face ID
• Weighs 7.3 ounces

Final thoughts:

iPhone XS and XS Max came to market with some big advancements. Their massive OLED display is already making buzz across the market. That super fast A12 Bionic processor is a lot better than other processors. Much longer battery life, support for photography, gaming, entertainment, and split-view mode for some selected apps make XS and XS Max pretty impressive phones.

However, fast charging is still an issue and experts have also criticized these models for their storage capacity. The iPhone XS models start from $1,649 and XS Max models start from $1,799. You get three different variants of each model which offer different storage capacity. So, assess how much space you need on your phone before placing the order.