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Factors to consider when choosing iPhone repair services in Singapore


It has become a pride for people to own an iPhone. With the increased sales volume, the need for iPhone repair services has also gone up. Sometimes when the phone is damaged, customers do not know which service provider is suitable. There are mainly three options that are recommended by Apple Company. These are; Apple stores, home repair services, and third-party repair by authorized companies.

The customer can be toned between choosing the three services when the iPhone needs repair. This article explains the essential factors to consider when selecting an iPhone repair service.

Warranty covered iPhone

Apple Company provides one-year warranty services to all its customers. That is on condition that during this period, the problem experienced on the iPhone is not as a result of the customer’s fault. Although it might be hard sometime to check whether the problem is on customers’ side, as long as it cannot be proved, a client is entitled to free repairs. If the problem is beyond repair and it is not as a result of the customer’s fault, a new device may be issued to the client.

When the phone is under warranty, it is always advisable to send it to the Apple store for repair. That is because the customer will not have to pay for the repair cost. The average repair time is three to five working days.

The customer can send the phone through online support services. The customer can also take the phone to any nearest Apple retail store. They will, in turn, organize for the phone to be sent for repairs. The customer can contact the Apple support team to be advised on how to get the phone repaired while still under warranty.

Damage iPhone with an expired warranty

When the warranty is over, the customer will have to explore other options apart from the Apple repair store. The extent of damage will also help the customer make a decision. Apple repair store is quite expensive because of their quality services. Their technicians will always prefer replacing affected parts instead of repairing to avoid repeat issues. Therefore, a customer may opt for third-party repair services oy Do-It-Yourself. If the damage can be fixed by the user, especially those who are competent, the cost will be significantly reduced.

Authorized iPhone repair companies may also be a better option for clients who may not be able to fix the phones themselves. They help the customers fix the damaged iPhone at relatively lower prices.

The iPhone repair companies know alternative sources of parts to be replaced, making it cost-effective. A customer can look for a nearby repair shop or get referrals from friends and relatives.


When the iPhone is damaged, it calls for repair services. It will depend on whether the phone is in or out of the warranty. Those who are still under warranty can get their phones fixed at Apple repair stores. If the device is out of warranty, the customer can choose DIY or authorized iPhone repair companies. Those who are confident and competent can try to fix the phone. Care should be taken when doing DIY as more damage may mean increased cost of repair. The best option is always to seek professional services.

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