Battery Replacement of Apple iPhone in Singapore

The phone’s battery has a shelf life. The software, display and the hardware of your phone can last up to almost 7 years. However, the battery’s shelf life is limited.

Exactly like the batteries of your car, the performance level drops after the usage of a few years. They become incapable of holding the charge and your phone drains very quickly.

A charging case or a power bank may help you sometimes; however, losing charge at a crucial moment might be frustrating for you.

Most of the users think that they need to replace the phone, but you can continue using the phone just by changing the battery.

Do you want get your iPhone’s battery replaced in Singapore?

The bad news is that the replacement of an iPhone’s battery has become quite expensive. The rates have almost doubled. Please check the rates below:

Ideas on how you may improve the battery life of your iPhone

Many times it’s just a few of your existing apps which drain out your battery. Here are some tips to help you retain your battery life without replacing it.

Updating IOS:

Keep your software always updated because old software may impact your battery life. Nowadays, Apple’s software updates don’t slow down your phone, so you may update your software without a second thought.

Reduce Brightness:

People often tend to use their phone with high brightness. That is not, of course not necessary at all. The difference between full brightness and medium brightness is your battery lasting for more 2-3 hours. Try to reduce the brightness when not required.

Keep the mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and airdrop turned off

All of the above mentioned, reduce your battery life as they are continuously looking for networks and other devices. When you switch on your phone, make sure to switch off those icons manually.

Sound and vibration modes:

When a phone is on vibration mode or on loud sound, it tends to use more battery charge. Try not to use the vibration mode and reduce the sounds of the notifications. This will help you to double up your battery life.

Keep the sync option turned off:

We keep the sync option on for many of the apps. One of them is the emails. If you get emails from an account which you do not use, turn off the sync feature. Or for any other app which asks you to sync your phone contacts, please deny the option. This way you should be able to save some of your battery life.

Delete apps which cause battery drain:

There are few apps which use a lot of your battery charge because it keeps playing in the background. Apps like Facebook, maps, LinkedIn should be closed when not in use. They keep refreshing themselves with every update that comes in, leading to battery drain.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Singapore – FAQ

What is the cost to get an iPhone battery replaced in Singapore?

The following table can give you a detailed overview.

Cost table of battery replacement at Apple service centers of Singapore

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• Does Apple replace batteries in store?

Yes, apple replaces batteries within the store. They have a team of qualified technicians at their service centers that get the job done with proficiency.

• Is it worth to get the apple battery replaced?

Once you get the battery replaced, you would be able to use the same phone for few more years, without investing in a new one. That way, it would be cost-effective. Just because of the battery, there is no point investing in a new phone.

• Where can I get my iPhone battery replaced?

iPhone batteries can be replaced at an authorized Apple service center or at the Apple store. It is better to go to the authorized dealers only.

• Is it possible to replace the iPhone battery at home by an individual

It would be absolutely risky to try to change the battery at home, as the process requires special tools. The technicians who perform the task is qualified with the special skill set, hence they would be able to do it flawlessly. Also, your warranty gets void if you open up your iPhone on your own.

• Does apple replace the battery for free?

They would certainly replace it for free only if it is under warranty and if the issue is due to a manufacturing defect. They will not entertain free replacement if your battery starts to drain due to everyday usage or any external wear and tear.

• How worth is it to replace the iPhone battery?

It is completely worth to get the battery replaced. By doing so you can prevent yourself from charging the phone every now and then and you don’t have to carry the phone case or the power bank everywhere.

• Is there is a chance to lose data when you replace iPhone battery?

Data and battery are two different components of your phone. Their work does not intersect each other. Hence, data does not get affected when you change your phone’s battery.

• How do I know when to replace the battery?

When you lose a charge every minute even when you are not using your phone is the best time to get your iPhone’s battery replaced. This is an indication that you should change your battery.

• Will my phone work faster after replacing the battery?

No. It’s not the phone that works faster; it’s the battery that lasts longer than before.

• What is the longevity of an iPhone’s battery?
iPhone batteries are said to last for 400 charges, which is calculated to be around 2 years of usage.

Checking your iPhone battery health

Replacement of iPhone battery at Singapore

An iPhone generally lasts for 3-4 years and gives hassle-free service. The crux is, you need to keep updating your phone’s software and change battery when required.

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