Price Plans Availability by StarHub, Singtel, and M1 for iPhone 11 in Singapore

Apple released its new latest three iPhone models, namely – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new iPhone is a successor of last year’s iPhone XR. And according to Apple, compared to its predecessor, iPhone 11 was built with high-end materials. Moreover, new iPhone Models are filled with the new latest Apple technology, which makes them an excellent phone in the history of Apple.

But the problem is, you don’t have enough cash to buy these Apple flagships this coming September 20. So, the only solution for you is to get them via a plan contract with a big data bundle. Well, it’s not a problem if the phone plan is getting paid by your employer, but if you’re going to pay it for yourself, then be prepared – or else, you’ll be left behind.

So, regardless of the price tag if you get them pre-ordered by the Apple store, below are the different price plans availability from Singapore big telcos such as StarHub, Singtel, and M1 for the new iPhone 11.


This Singaporean telco giants first released its plan contract for new iPhones. They offer an installment plan for up to 24 months. You can get the brand new iPhone 11 together with the monthly recurring charges for data bundle, calls, text, etc. Moreover, there’s no cashout so that you can get the device immediately at $0.

Iphone Repair Singapore
(Source: Apple)

Here is the table for a detailed StarHub price plan for iPhone 11. Assume that the plan contract is set to a 24-month installment option.

Note: All the currency is set to SGD.

Model$50 Plan$75 Plan$105 Plan$238 Plan
iPhone 11 (64GB)$587$359$1100
iPhone 11 (128GB)$651$423$1750
iPhone 11 (256GB)$806$578$330$120

Below are the perks of each plan contract:

$50 Plan$75 Plan$105 Plan$238 Plan
5 GB of data30 GB of data60 GB of data100 GB of data
100 minutes300 minutes500 minutes1000 minutes
Caller number displayCaller number displayCaller number displayCaller number display
Free 10Gb and weekend data for 24 monthsFree 10 GB weekend data monthly for 24 monthsFree 10GB weekend data monthly for 24 months$500 yearly Handset Voucher
Free 10 GB weekend data for 24 months


For some unknown reasons, Singtel has recently announced its plan availability for iPhone 11. Compared to StarHub, they have their standard Combo plans, and for the consumer who prefers the bigger size of data, they have XO plans for you. Moreover, you get free HBO GO subscriptions in both plan.

Here are the Combo plans:

Combo 2Combo 3Combo 6Combo 12
2 GB Data3 GB Data6 GB Data12 GB Data
200 Minutes of CallsUnlimited Minutes of CallsUnlimited Minutes of CallsUnlimited Minutes of Calls
1000 SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMS
Free 24 months of Entertainment PlusFree 24 months of Entertainment PlusFree 24 months of HBO Go and Entertainment PlusFree 24 months of HBO Go and Entertainment Plus
Additional $500 yearly phone voucher
$42.90 monthly$68.90 monthly$95.90 monthly$239.90 monthly
iPhone 11iPhone 11iPhone 11iPhone 11
64 GB – $658.0064 GB – $428.0064 GB-$178.0064 GB – $0
128 GB – $718.00128 GB – $488.00128 GB-$248.00128 GB -$0
256 GB – $878.00256 GB – $638.00256 GB-$398.00256 GB -$0


After StarHub announces their price plan availability, the next one to release is M1 Telco. Compared to the two Telco giants listed above, M1 is offering overhauled mobile plans for its consumers. You have an option to acquire a new iPhone purchase for up to $600 off if you’re going to trade your old iPhone device.

See the price plan contract below:

Base Plan and Add-ons$30 Base Plan+$20 Add-on+$48 Add-on+$80 Add-on+$205 Add-on
12 GB of Data
100 Minutes of Calls
100 SMS17 GB of Data
200 Minutes of Calls
200 SMS42 GB of Data
300 Minutes of Calls
300 SMS78 GB of Data
500 Minutes of Calls
500 SMS112 GB of Data
Unlimited Minutes of Calls
1000 SMS
iPhone 11 64 GB$770$575$315$70$0
iPhone 11 128 GB$835$640$380$130$0
iPhone 11 256 GB$990$795$535$285$0

Top Reasons to Buy iPhone 11

Here are the top reasons why you should need to pick iPhone 11 instead of Pro and Max

  • The iPhone 11 is cheaper compared to Pro and Max
  • It comes with different chassis colors than Pro
  • It has the ideal screen size (6.1-inch display) – not too big and not too small
  • It has a Liquid Retina display which makes them unique and fantastic compared to other models
  • iPhone 11 has two identical rear cameras – 12mp wide-angle and another 12mp ultra-wide lens
  • It has two identical front-facing cameras which make them perfect for capturing selfies
  • All the three new models have the same CPU and GPU which is Apple’s latest technology called A13 Bionic Chip
  • All three new models have many similar features and specifications.

The Truth Behind YouTube Data Usage

The era of 144p YouTube clips has come to an end. Now, YouTube offers different playback quality options to give viewers the satisfaction they deserve. Viewers can now watch high-quality music videos, blockbuster trailers, and viral videos in a 4k UHD (Ultra High Definition) playback.

But of course, excellent video quality comes with higher data usage – especially if you love watching YouTube videos during lunch break, daily commute, or if having a coffee outside. The question is – how much data does youtube use in Singapore?
The answer is, it depends. There are several factors to measure the data usage such as the frame-rate, bitrate, and the bandwidth requirement in each video. So, whether the clip appeared as a standard video, 360-degree, 3D, 4K UHD, and so on, all of them affect the data consumption.

How Much Data Does a One-Hour YouTube Video Consume?

Compared with other video streaming sites, such as Netflix, iFlix, etc. YouTube doesn’t have official guidelines when it comes to data consumption for a 60-minute video. But don’t worry, today’s article will explain to you how much data they consume.

For example, a standard YouTube video (480p) can produce up to 30fps (frame per second) which can consume up to 264mb data in an hour. For videos that are set to a higher quality like 720p HD can consume up to 870mb in an hour, while 1080p Full HD can eat up around 1.65GB.

To give you a detailed visualization of this, check the table below for a better understanding of data consumption per day, per week, and per month at different hours.

Note: Assume you’ve set the video in a standard 480p quality.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

720p YouTube Video

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Based on the data listed above, data consumption for YouTube videos is enormous. So, if you have a limited data plan, you wouldn’t want to use your data for nonsense videos. Data plan is quite expensive especially here in Singapore if you want to save money, control yourself from watching too many YouTube videos, especially in your mobile phones. But if you’re connected to a WIFI that has an unlimited data plan, then you don’t need to worry about your data consumption.

If you have no other options, you can watch YouTube videos in a lower resolution which can save more data compared to 480p videos. See the data below:

360p YouTube Videos

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Smart TV and Its YouTube Consumption

If you have kids or even you, who love watching YouTube videos on a Smart TV that is linked with home broadband, below are the following data consumption in different YouTube resolutions.

1080p YouTube Video

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

1440p (QHD) YouTube Videos

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

2160p (4k) (UHD) YouTube Videos

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

If you have limited home broadband, you shouldn’t watch on a 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p YouTube video resolution. It can consume large data consumption which can add up to your monthly expenses. Consider lowering the resolution up to 720p (refer to table 2) which is the standard HD resolution for Smart TVs.

YouTube Data Consumption versus Other Streaming Sites

Unlike other big streaming sites companies such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and iFlix, YouTube has a large appetite when it comes to data consumption. With the data usage listed above, YouTube consumes larger data usage compared to watching a movie on Netflix which can consume approximately 2-3 GB per film.

Step to Reduce Your Data Consumption

Before jumping into another YouTube video session, consider these tips to help you control data consumption.

Adjust Video Quality

Set your video quality in a lower resolution to save more data. On your YouTube app, look for the three vertical dots on the video screen. Then, choose the “quality” menu and set your desired video resolution. For a smartphone, it is recommended to set your resolution for a 360p up to 480p to control your data usage (refer to table 1 and 3).

YouTube app remembers your preferred resolution, and it will automatically load future videos by following this setting as your default resolution. However, this setting is only applicable for Android users. For iOS users, you’ll have to change the resolution in between videos manually.

The Truth Behind Instagram and Its Data Usage

When thinking about apps that consumed all of your data, you’ve probably seen Netflix and YouTube as the main culprit. But in reality, they are not. Though videos are pretty greedy when it comes to data consumption.

But on the other hand, this app may surprise you. Instagram is one of the most intensive data apps that can consume most of your allotted mobile data. According to recent statistics, Instagram can consume more than 60-90mb per five minutes. But how’s that possible? Continue reading this article to find out.

Social media experts run multiple tests to confirm the allegation of data consumption. For instance, Netflix app uses approximately 250mb of data in an hour on default mode. And, 170mb per hour if settings are set on “save data.” On the other hand, Spotify uses approximately 140mb per hour if the audio quality is on the highest peak.

Usually, people tend not to link heavy data consumption when it comes to social media platforms. But in some cases, you may think that it does make sense. But why do you think it’s possible? Well, Instagram is indeed all about photos and videos, while Facebook and Twitter focus on text-based.

Your data consumption will vary depending on how you use the app itself. For example, you may use Instagram for scrolling through your feed without watching any clips, sharing, and uploading photos or stories. However, if you’re an Instagram addict who loves to post every “Instagram-worthy” picture on their feed, liking different photos, and watching video clips, then expect that you’ll burn a lot of mobile data before noticing it.


Did you know, you can burn as much as 500mb for 30 minutes per day? Yeah, that’s 15 GB per month to be exact. Shocked? Don’t be. So, how much data does Instagram use? Well, find out below.

Instagram Data Consumption: Scrolling and Liking Some Photos

Like what was mentioned above, your Instagram data consumption will vary depending on your activity. For example, you focus on browsing without doing anything. Below is a detailed representation of data consumption per hour, per day, per week, and month.

Note: Assume that you’ve liked several photos through scrolling.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

See? That’s a lot even without doing anything!

Instagram Data Consumption: Scrolling, Liking Photos, Watching Short Video Clips

Are you ready? What’s more, if you’re an Instagram addict that loves to scroll, like, and watching short video clips?


Note: Assume that you’ve watched few-several videos.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Shocked? That’s how Instagram eat your mobile data.

Scrolling, Liking Photos, Watching Short Video Clips, IG Stories, and Uploading

Calm down, and there’s more! Below are the following data consumption of Instagram if you do the following on the platform:

● Scrolling
● Liking photos
● Watching video clips
● Watching IG stories
● Uploading pictures and stories

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Oh! That’s a massive amount of mobile data. Of course, with lots of Instagram activities, for sure you’ll consume a lot. Though there are ways on how to conserve your data usage. Instagram app has a feature called “data saver mode,” activating it will lessen your data consumption per day in one hour for at least 50% data usage. So, for example, you use Instagram for one hour by scrolling through your feed, and you activated data saver mode, the total data consumption would be 50mb instead of 100mb (refer to table 1).

Tips and Tricks to Conserve Data Consumption in Instagram

As you can see above, if you not use your Instagram wisely, you’ll consume not only data but lots of money as well. Data plans nowadays are expensive, especially in Singapore. Every MB that you use is essential with your data plan. With HD photos and videos present on Instagram today, sure, it can quickly consume all your mobile data within a couple of hours.

But don’t worry, there are some tips and tricks that you can do to lessen your data consumption. Here they are:

1. Use Less Data Option

Open your Instagram account, go to your Profile. Open Settings and opt Cellular Data Use. Then, opt-out of the “Use Less Data” button. Though, activating this feature may affect the quality of Instagram, such as take longer to load for photos and videos.

2. Use Data Manager

Installing any Data Manager to your smartphone may help with managing your data consumption. Not only with Instagram, but in all applications that use data. It can breakdown which application consume a lot, and it’ll automatically send an alert that you’re going to exceed your allotted data.

The key to conserving your Instagram data consumption is to limit yourself from using it. Always keep in mind that data plans are too expensive. So if you’re on tight, use Instagram according to your allocated budget.

Mobile Legends Data Usage: How Much Data Does The Game Consumed?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game which consists of five players in each team. The main goal of the game is to play the session as a whole team. Each team member should help one another to destroy the base of the opponent team.

MLBB is developed and created by a gaming company called Moonton. The game is designed for players who prefer gaming through mobile phones. But if you prefer playing on PC, download the game by using an Android or IOS emulator you can also enjoy MLBB by downloading an Android or IOS emulator. Moreover, this game is pretty similar to other mobile games like Dota 2 and LOL (League Of Legends).

Because of the graphics, character design, and gameplay, many players around the globe, especially in Asia like the Philippines and Singapore, are getting crazier playing this game. To enjoy the game, you need an internet connection and reliable data to enter a match. Once you’ve found a match, you’ll wait for another four players to enter the game.

You can maximize your gaming experience if you have better data with you. Usually, it is recommended to have at least 4G connection for mobile data, and at least 2mbps or higher if home internet. But for others who have a limited internet connection, keeping track of their data usage is crucial.

Mobile Legends and Data Usage

If you love playing Mobile Legends on your mobile hotspot or any mobile broadband connection, then it’s time to be aware of your data usage. Doing this can prevent you from extra charges and throttled speeds. Playing in a limited connection is a real challenge, and can make your gaming experience annoying.

Of course, as a gamer, you don’t want to interrupt your playing session.

Once all of your data has been consumed, and you’re currently in the middle of the game, your session will automatically be disconnected and can result from losing your hard-earned stars. And that is a nightmare for every MLBB player.


So to prevent this from happening, a player should know how much data does mobile legends use per game. It is also much better to have an idea of how much data it’ll consume if played daily, weekly, or monthly.

How Much Data Did It Consume?

Knowing the data consumption of the game allows you to make a decision on when to play and when to stop. Moreover, the data is not only for loading the game, but it is also used to perform different gaming levels, graphics, chatbox, etc. To give you a detailed example of data usage, below is the table of standard data consumption of Mobile Legends.

Assume that the settings of the game are set on the standard gameplay (classic mode).

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

The above data is set for a standard gaming mode. Meaning, all the settings have been set to the default gameplay setting. But for a more high-end gaming interface, data consumption will vary. See data consumption below for the advance gameplay setting (classic mode).

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Different Game Mode and Its Data Consumption

In Mobile Legends there are six different game modes, and each game mode has different data consumption (assume that the gameplay setting is at default mode).


Classic Mode

This is the primary game mode of MLBB. Two teams are fighting against each other, and each team should consist of five players. There are three different lanes, such as Top, Middle, and Bottom, that needs to be destroyed by each team. Once the opponent team has destroyed all the tower and main base, then the team will be declared as the winner.

Data consumption for classic mode was mentioned earlier, see table 1 and table 2 for the reference.


It is similar to classic, but when you win, you’ll get a star. These stars are used to determine your rank in the game system. Below is the sample data consumption of playing in rank game mode.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month


This is also similar to classic mode, but it only consists of 1 lane. Below is the sample data consumption of playing in brawl game mode.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month


Same with classic, but instead of live-online players, your opponent is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Below is the sample data consumption of playing A.I game mode.

No. of HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

What are the important steps for iPhone screen Repair & Replacement?

If you are really thinking for iphone screen repair then there are certain things that must be kept in mind. The same is applicable in case of iPhone battery replacement. However, there are certain points that should be always remembered by the user. The first and foremost point is that whether you are getting the work done by an authorized agent. If it is not done, it is always better to opt for a person who is authorized by the company like Certified Repairs. Then you will obviously get the best service and work. An unskilled worker can damage your phone to a great extent.

Iphone Repair Singapore

Which can be the most perfect or ideal type of iPhone Model or screen that can fix the issue?

The same can be replaced or adjusted with Grade A along with the below-mentioned models. Please have a look at it.

Model NameRepair PartsPrice
iPhone 5/5SLCD Replacement$40
iPhone SELCD Replacement$40
iPhone 6LCD Replacement$60
iPhone 6 PlusLCD Replacement$80
iPhone 6SLCD Replacement$70
iPhone 6S plusLCD Replacement$90
iPhone 7LCD Replacement$80
iPhone 7 PlusLCD Replacement$110
iPhone 8LCD Replacement$110
iPhone 8 PlusLCD Replacement$120
iPhone XOLED Replacement$280
iPhone XRLCD Replacement$190
iPhone XSOLED Replacement$380
iPhone XS MaxOLED Replacement$430
In many cases it has been seen that iPhone screen replacement for display is still working. In such a situation there is no need to change the LCD.
Model NameRepair PartsPrice
iPhone 5/5SCrack Screen Replacement$40
iPhone SECrack Screen Replacement$40
iPhone 6Crack Screen Replacement$40
iPhone 6 PlusCrack Screen Replacement$50
iPhone 6SCrack Screen Replacement$50
iPhone 6S plusCrack Screen Replacement$60
iPhone 7Crack Screen Replacement$60
iPhone 7 PlusCrack Screen Replacement$70
iPhone 8Crack Screen Replacement$70
iPhone 8 PlusCrack Screen Replacement$80
iPhone XCrack Screen Replacement$130
iPhone XRCrack Screen Replacement$130
iPhone XSCrack Screen Replacement$210
iPhone XS MaxCrack Screen Replacement$240
What to do if the screen of the iPhone gets bent?

If the screen is totally bent there is a very rare chance of being fixed successfully. If a new screen is applied, then it will always require an even surface to bent. On the other side, the screen also requires a standard size.

Do dents hinder or hamper screen replacements?

It is not right to say that all the dents hinder screen replacements. In order to know the intensity of the screen. it is better to place it in an even surface and then see if there is an issue.

If the glass and screen of the iPhone are damaged, then what are the best options?

The best thing to do in such a situation is to replace everything. Sometimes it appears to be an expensive one, but it is good if you repair your phone. You can also replace the screen and leave the glass portion totally unattended. If there is a small crack in the glass back then it will increase in due course of time.

What is the duration of the screen repair?

It usually takes 2 hours to do the whole thing. However, the entire thing depends on the shop and the place where you have taken the phone.

What can be the approximate cost to replace the iPhone glass back specially from the Apple Service Centre?

The entire thing depends upon the type of damage that is caused on the phone. If there is a little mistake, then the whole thing can be ruined. Considering the above thing it is estimated that the cost of replacing the glass back of an iPhone is about $ 110. It is also better if you bring the phone at a reliable service centre such as the Bugis Junction for iPhone repair in Singapore.

Model NameRepair PartsPrice
iPhone 8Back Glass Replacement$70
iPhone 8 PlusBack Glass Replacement$70
iPhone XBack Glass Replacement$70
iPhone XRBack Glass Replacement$80
iPhone XSBack Glass Replacement$80
iPhone XS MaxBack Glass Replacement$90
Things to do before bringing the iPhone back to the repair

In the first case, you have to disable the iPhone prior to bring it to the service centre.
Then you should remove the Find my iPhone by following the simple steps.
You can simply Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud (or Settings > iCloud), then turn off Find My [device].That is much simpler and easier.
If you are willing to prevent your cracked screen from disabling then Fund my phone and it can be done via icloud website mainly.

By using your Apple Id sign into

Then go to my phone and click all the devices that appear on the screen.
Then select the device that you want to remove from Icloud.
If required click on the Erase option and click remove mainly from the account.

Is it necessary to remove the data before bringing it to the repair centre?

In order to find that which part is faulty, it is very vital to save all the necessary data’s or messages before bringing to the service center and also to see that if there is any motherboard repair issue. Another best thing is to go for the back- up option and that will be much better.

You can also reset your phone by following simple steps:

Go to the Settings>General and> Reset for going to the reset option.

Now select and erase all the contents that you want to do.

Once you type the passcode you will get a warning option to erase the iPhone. That’s all and all the things to be done completely.

Broken iPhone Screen, Tips to Replace it Smoothly

In today’s hyper-connected world, one cannot imagine a life without a smartphone. Your iPhone strengthens your “I” and helps you remain connected with the world. Just like everything else, your iPhone could also be a victim of an accident. The first thing that gets damaged is the screen of your iPhone.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while planning to iphone screen repair in Singapore. There are several Apple stores and authorized iPhone replacement service centers across Singapore. Be careful about unauthorized screen replacement service providers.

Iphone Repair Singapore

Points to Consider in Replacing iPhone Screen

If you are looking for a repair shop to replace iPhone screen or iPhone battery replacement, then, first of all, find whether the store is authorized by Apple or not. If not handles properly, the responsiveness of your screen, brightness could be affected.

iPhone Models, Screens or LCD We Fix

We at Certified Repairs are fully trained and equipped to replace iPhone LCD with Grade A parts for the following models:

Model NameRepair PartsPrice
iPhone 5/5SLCD Replacement$40
iPhone SELCD Replacement$40
iPhone 6LCD Replacement$60
iPhone 6 PlusLCD Replacement$80
iPhone 6SLCD Replacement$70
iPhone 6S plusLCD Replacement$90
iPhone 7LCD Replacement$80
iPhone 7 PlusLCD Replacement$110
iPhone 8LCD Replacement$110
iPhone 8 PlusLCD Replacement$120
iPhone XOLED Replacement$280
iPhone XRLCD Replacement$190
iPhone XSOLED Replacement$380
iPhone XS MaxOLED Replacement$43
If your iPhone screen display is damaged but still working and there is no need of changing LCD, here is the list of models and repair part with a cost:
Model NameRepair PartsPrice
iPhone 5/5SCrack Screen Replacement$40
iPhone SECrack Screen Replacement$40
iPhone 6Crack Screen Replacement$40
iPhone 6 PlusCrack Screen Replacement$50
iPhone 6SCrack Screen Replacement$50
iPhone 6S plusCrack Screen Replacement$60
iPhone 7Crack Screen Replacement$60
iPhone 7 PlusCrack Screen Replacement$70
iPhone 8Crack Screen Replacement$70
iPhone 8 PlusCrack Screen Replacement$80
iPhone XCrack Screen Replacement$130
iPhone XRCrack Screen Replacement$130
iPhone XSCrack Screen Replacement$210
iPhone XS MaxCrack Screen Replacement$240
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q1: Can I replace my screen if my iPhone is bent?

A1: Unfortunately, if your iPhone is bent there is no scope of fixing it successfully. Since the bent distorts the size of the phone, it is hard to get the even surface required for replacement of the screen.

Q2: Will dents in my phone hinder screen replacements?

A2: It depends on the intensity of the dent. If it is within the normal range, then the screen can be successfully replaced. Put your phone level surface to judge the intensity of dent. If it is too high, chances of replacement are low.

Q3: Screen and glass back of my iPhone are damaged. What are my options?

A3: To get the best result, it is good to replace all involved parts. It might cost you a little more, but you will get a perfect iPhone. You have an option to replace the screen only and leave the broken glass.

Q4: How long does it take to repair the screen?

A4: In normal circumstances, if nothing else comes up and you agree to the cost involved then it won’t take more than 2 hours. But, sometimes it might take a little longer due to a long queue.

Q5: Do I need to delete my data before submitting the phone for repair?

A5: Well, it depends on which part of the phone is damaged. If the display panel is faulty, it is necessary to save your iPhone contact, messages, photos and applications before you submit your phone for servicing. If factory reset is required to check operating system or in case of motherboard repair, it good to take a backup of your data.

In case, if the damage isn’t allowing you to access the Backup Allow button to save your data here is the solution to reset your iPhone to factory setting:

Step 1: Go to Setting > General > Reset
Step 2: Select Erase All Content and Settings
Step 3: After typing your pass-code a warning box will appear with the option to Erase iPhone

Cost of replacing iPhone glass back from Apple Service Centre

It is extremely difficult to remove and replace the glass back on the iPhones. But, replacement is possible without dismantling biometric face ID hardware. The back camera component is fixed with the metallic frame of the phone, making it difficult to replace the screen.

Unlike the iPhone 8, the iPhone X camera lies on top of the rear glass. It is therefore not advisable to replace a broken back panel. If you consider the complexity involved, the cost of $110 for replacing the glass back of your iPhone X is very reasonable.

If you are going to take your device to the Apple service centre, the replacement cost would be almost half of the new device cost. It is better to bring it to the fully equipped repair shop located at Bugis Junction for iPhone Repair in Singapore.

Model NameRepair PartsPrice
iPhone 8Back Glass Replacement$70
iPhone 8 PlusBack Glass Replacement$70
iPhone XBack Glass Replacement$70
iPhone XRBack Glass Replacement$80
iPhone XSBack Glass Replacement$80
iPhone XS MaxBack Glass Replacement$90
Steps-by-Step Guide of Bringing iPhone to Repair Store

• Disable “Find My iPhone”
• Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud (or Settings > iCloud), then turn off Find My [device].
• In case of disabling via iCloud follow these instructions:

o Sign in to with your Apple ID
o Go to Find My iPhone
o Click All Devices at the top of the screen
o Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud
o If necessary, click Erase [device].
o Click Remove from Account.

Get the perfect solution of fixing the issues with iPhone Motherboard

The motherboard is always a very important part of any mobile phones. Rather a phone is totally incomplete without a proper motherboard. Sometimes if you see that your Motherboard is not working properly then it can be a matter a great tension. However, in the following parts, we will try to find out the exact way of finding the issues and fixing the same. Further, we cannot imagine our life without a smartphone in hand. It is the best way to get in touch with the whole world. In short, smartphones have made people smarter and updated. But in some cases, some issues with smart phones make people worried and tensed. People in such a situation will always try to solve the matter, but at some point it is not possible to do so. In most of the cases, battery replacement a cracked iphone screen repair are some of the noted ones.

What to do if the Motherboard of smartphone malfunctions and how to repair the same?

As CPU is said to be the heart of the computer so in the same way Motherboard is the heart of a smartphone. In case of any issues it will not function easily. The circuit board of mobile holds various important parts in a mobile. To be very specific if the heart of a person stops, then he is declared as a dead one. In the same way, if the motherboard stops working, then the phone is declared to be a damaged one. In such a situation, it is very essential to move to a technician who is well equipped in this subject.

Is it impossible to fix your Motherboard?

The above-mentioned statement is true to some extent. In a case if you’re Motherboard fails to work properly, then you need to consult technicians. This is because the repairing tools require a good set of tools which may not be present with a common man. Apart from this, experience also matters a lot.

Apart from this, dedicated tools and workmanship are also equally required that can help in repairing the motherboard safely. So, it is always better to give such devices to an experienced technician or skilled people just like Certified Repairs.

Iphone Repair

What can be the cause of a faulty motherboard?

It is now absolutely clear that like human body smart phones also shows prior symptoms through which one can easily detect the problems of their phones. Now let us have a glimpse of some of the causes that can affect the motherboard.

Iphone Repair Singapore

Continuous use of mobile phones:

If you use mobile phones for a long time, then it becomes heated. This heat will remove the copper and aluminum materials that help to hold the parts. The issue mainly arises when the same lose contact with the motherboard. Most of the smartphones are very advanced in the present time. They will stop charging when it is fully charged. Apart from this, if you are a hardcore user of mobile phones then you will see that the phone gets heated even during the charging period.

Iphone Screen Repair

Damage through water:

Water is the main enemy of a smartphone. Even a single drop of water is enough to destroy the phone immediately. The moment the motherboard comes in contact with water a spike in the current causes short-circuit. So, the best way to treat this problem is by switching off the phone immediately, it comes in contact with water. Then clean the phone with dry cloth.

Iphone Fix Singapore

Sudden fall of mobile phones:

At the same time, if your phone is dropped from a certain extent, then you will obviously notice damage on the motherboard. Even the screen can be damaged to a good extent. Although in some cases it has been noticed that the screen guard can help from damaging the screen.

Where To Fix Iphone

Faulty manufacturing:

Sometimes there may be some issues or negligence at the time of manufacturing that may lead to the damage of the phone after a certain time. The problem may mainly arise in case of engineering defects. If you are using a smartphone like Samsung and iPhone then you can observe the following defects of the same has been caused due to the negligence of the manufacturers.

Iphone Repair in Singapore

If you are using Note 4 then the eMMC can be one of the problems of manufacturing.

In case of iPhone 6 to 6S, it is noticed that soon after the software update the battery starts to drain quickly. The main reason for this is that the software may not be compatible with the battery.
The design of iPhone 6 Plus is so poor that it bends the device up to 7.2 times.

The touch issues of iPhone 7plus are very common as it is mainly caused due to the Touch IC malfunctioning of the motherboard.

In case of iPhone XS Max, the issue is mainly in case of water damage.

Rooting issue with Android phones:

Best Iphone Repair Service In Singapore

Rooting is also considered as one of the main problems of most of the smartphones. Like the other ones, Android also comes with an Operating System. The operating system has certain restrictions and limitations and so it can hamper the stability of the phone. Rooting is the process of removing such limitations and restrictions. Rooting is nice when everything works in a wonderful way, but the main problem arises in case of difficulties. In such a situation you cannot remove the CPU and buy a new one like a computer.

How it is possible to know whether the Motherboard is repairable?

If you notice any issues in the case of smartphones then it is always better to inform or get in touch with a skilled and experienced technician who can guide in the best possible way. If the same is found within the warranty period then the same is replaced by the company as soon as possible. In other words, check everything while buying a smartphone. If you feel any doubt then make it cleared from the company. Also, handle the phone very carefully. It is also better to visit the Phone Repair Shop for any issues.

Best Signs that can help you to repair the Phone battery

Although smartphones are getting smarter day by day and people are getting used to it, still you should always consider an iPhone screen replacement process or method. Batteries are the main life of a phone. It is also important that you should have a clear idea about the batteries when they are getting low. The time when the phone does not work properly people get annoyed and it also makes them irritated to a good extent. In the following lines you will get the knowledge about the appropriate signs that will make you aware of the replacement of the battery of the iPhone.

In the present world, people cannot imagine a single second without a good smartphone. The smartphone is the only way by which one can get easily connected with the outside world. These phones are considered to be the best for exchanging views and opinions and also for getting the updated news on any event. But somehow you may experience some problems if the battery of the phone gets affected. It can hamper your work to a good extent. In such a situation, it is quite important to change the battery so that you can access the phone and carry out your work properly.

When does your phone refuse to boot or turn on?

Yes, this is the right way when you can get a clear indication of battery replacement. When you are trying to switch on the phone and you see that it is not working properly, then it clearly indicates that there is a problem or issues with your iPhone motherboard battery. In such a situation, immediate steps should be taken to replace the same. Many times you may try to use other chargers for switching the phone, but if it does not work, then it is better to take a piece of proper advice from someone else. If in any case, you notice a problem while turning your phone or you are getting some message that is related to the battery life of the phone then the same should be immediately replaced or removed. There are many shops that can provide you the best service in this case.

When the phone does not work or charge without a plugin the charger?

If you have a high-quality android phone and soon you realize that the phone is not working properly the moment you disconnect it from the charger then it only indicates that there is a battery problem. If the phone is certainly getting switched off, then it surely indicates that the phone is dead. The main problem is only with the battery and that’s why it is getting switched off. It is quite a tough thing if you see that the phone gets switched off if you take it out from the charger. This is not at all acceptable in any case. You may also feel bad if the same thing happens while talking to someone else. Many times it may happen several times.

To be very specific if you are using 2016 Xiamo Redmi Note 3 you will notice that the battery life is of 8 hours. Even after repeated use if you find that it is reduced to 6 hours, then you should definitely think for Xiaomi battery replacement. That would be possibly the best idea and step in this case.

When your phone battery gets heated?

Many times, it is also found that within a short time the phone gets heated and so it becomes quote phone to use the phone properly. It is a clear indication of battery problems. The more rapidly the phone gets heated the more it will indicate that there is a loss of cell battery life. This is the time when you should think about Oppo battery replacement. Once you are thinking about it you should do it immediately. The earlier you will do it the more you will be a profitable person. It is always better to avoid using a smartphone if it is getting heated frequently. In such a case it is better to stop using it for some time. It is also better to go to a shop and get the battery replaced. You will also get a good warranty for the new battery. In case of any issues during the warranty period the same will be replaced by the company as early as possible. So, the whole thing is quite better and fine too.

When your phone battery gets bloated?

This is another issue or situation when the user should think of replacing the battery of their cell. Many times we ignore it even when the phone is giving the indication. But the user should immediately go for the option of replacing the battery once he receives the indication. If you keep heating your phone battery within a small time you will see that it is expanding. Ultimately, it will lead to bulge the battery by making the phone screen off. It can really be a hazardous situation for the user. It should be overcome easily by the user by replacing the battery of the mobile instantly.

On the other side, it may also turn out to be a health risk of the user. Sometimes the users may meet with some serious accidents. It can be highly dangerous at the same time.

Get the ultimate solution:

Now to be very frank, if you are looking forward to finding the right phone repair shop then there are ample such shops that are ready to provide the best service at a comfortable price. It can be easily availed by the users. There are many shops that also provide services regarding iPhone battery replacement or Samsung battery replacement. It can also be done by a simple call or by also doing WhastApp on the given numbers. The shops will always provide prompt service to the clients. They are always ready to serve them in the best possible way.

Battery Replacement of Apple iPhone in Singapore

The phone’s battery has a shelf life. The software, display and the hardware of your phone can last up to almost 7 years. However, the battery’s shelf life is limited.

Exactly like the batteries of your car, the performance level drops after the usage of a few years. They become incapable of holding the charge and your phone drains very quickly.

A charging case or a power bank may help you sometimes; however, losing charge at a crucial moment might be frustrating for you.

Most of the users think that they need to replace the phone, but you can continue using the phone just by changing the battery.

Do you want get your iPhone’s battery replaced in Singapore?

The bad news is that the replacement of an iPhone’s battery has become quite expensive. The rates have almost doubled. Please check the rates below:

Ideas on how you may improve the battery life of your iPhone

Many times it’s just a few of your existing apps which drain out your battery. Here are some tips to help you retain your battery life without replacing it.

Updating IOS:

Keep your software always updated because old software may impact your battery life. Nowadays, Apple’s software updates don’t slow down your phone, so you may update your software without a second thought.

Reduce Brightness:

People often tend to use their phone with high brightness. That is not, of course not necessary at all. The difference between full brightness and medium brightness is your battery lasting for more 2-3 hours. Try to reduce the brightness when not required.

Keep the mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and airdrop turned off

All of the above mentioned, reduce your battery life as they are continuously looking for networks and other devices. When you switch on your phone, make sure to switch off those icons manually.

Sound and vibration modes:

When a phone is on vibration mode or on loud sound, it tends to use more battery charge. Try not to use the vibration mode and reduce the sounds of the notifications. This will help you to double up your battery life.

Keep the sync option turned off:

We keep the sync option on for many of the apps. One of them is the emails. If you get emails from an account which you do not use, turn off the sync feature. Or for any other app which asks you to sync your phone contacts, please deny the option. This way you should be able to save some of your battery life.

Delete apps which cause battery drain:

There are few apps which use a lot of your battery charge because it keeps playing in the background. Apps like Facebook, maps, LinkedIn should be closed when not in use. They keep refreshing themselves with every update that comes in, leading to battery drain.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Singapore – FAQ

What is the cost to get an iPhone battery replaced in Singapore?

The following table can give you a detailed overview.

Cost table of battery replacement at Apple service centers of Singapore

See Certified Phone Repair prices for iPhone Battery Replacement

• Does Apple replace batteries in store?

Yes, apple replaces batteries within the store. They have a team of qualified technicians at their service centers that get the job done with proficiency.

• Is it worth to get the apple battery replaced?

Once you get the battery replaced, you would be able to use the same phone for few more years, without investing in a new one. That way, it would be cost-effective. Just because of the battery, there is no point investing in a new phone.

• Where can I get my iPhone battery replaced?

iPhone batteries can be replaced at an authorized Apple service center or at the Apple store. It is better to go to the authorized dealers only.

• Is it possible to replace the iPhone battery at home by an individual

It would be absolutely risky to try to change the battery at home, as the process requires special tools. The technicians who perform the task is qualified with the special skill set, hence they would be able to do it flawlessly. Also, your warranty gets void if you open up your iPhone on your own.

• Does apple replace the battery for free?

They would certainly replace it for free only if it is under warranty and if the issue is due to a manufacturing defect. They will not entertain free replacement if your battery starts to drain due to everyday usage or any external wear and tear.

• How worth is it to replace the iPhone battery?

It is completely worth to get the battery replaced. By doing so you can prevent yourself from charging the phone every now and then and you don’t have to carry the phone case or the power bank everywhere.

• Is there is a chance to lose data when you replace iPhone battery?

Data and battery are two different components of your phone. Their work does not intersect each other. Hence, data does not get affected when you change your phone’s battery.

• How do I know when to replace the battery?

When you lose a charge every minute even when you are not using your phone is the best time to get your iPhone’s battery replaced. This is an indication that you should change your battery.

• Will my phone work faster after replacing the battery?

No. It’s not the phone that works faster; it’s the battery that lasts longer than before.

• What is the longevity of an iPhone’s battery?
iPhone batteries are said to last for 400 charges, which is calculated to be around 2 years of usage.

Checking your iPhone battery health

Replacement of iPhone battery at Singapore

An iPhone generally lasts for 3-4 years and gives hassle-free service. The crux is, you need to keep updating your phone’s software and change battery when required.

Certified Phone can replace the iPhone battery at a reasonable price.

Check the prices for iPhone Repair Singapore

A glance through at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus: Price, Availability, and Review

We would take you through the specifications, cost, and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

1. Display and Design:

The first thing that you will notice is the phone’s size. It’s larger in size than most of the phones in the market. Might be the largest then you have ever used before.

The display is of 6.8 inches with a resolution of QHD (3040 X 1440). It is equipped with an AMOLED Infinity O screen that translates to 498 pixels per inch, resulting in a high quality display.

The dimension of Note 10 is 77x162x7.9mm. Though it is a big phone, it is not heavy in comparison to the size. It weighs only 196gms. The phone is ergonomically designed and it perfectly fits in your hand. The curved edge on the corners makes it look attractive.

Apart from the eye-catching design, the phone has a superior build.The back of the phone has a high-quality glass finish and the frame is made up of premium quality metal. Such phones are generally delicate, and so it Notes 10. Therefore, if you are the one who drops their phone frequently, it’s advisable to get a case.

The USB-C connector and a slot for the S Pen are provided at the bottom edge of the phone. On the right-hand edge, you will find the power button and volume controller.

Point to be noted is that this phone doesn’t contain Bixby button which is found in almost all other modern Samsung phones. In Note 10, this feature is combined with the power button where you just need to hold the button for a few seconds and it triggers the voice assistant. This is similar to the mechanism of Siri and Google Assistant of high-end smartphones.

Note 10 comes with a unique feature. It is IP68 dust and water-resistant. Hence there is no need to worry if the phone comes into contact with water or dust. The dust will not be able to block the ports of the phone.

Though the phone has many great features, the problem is that it would be a little difficult to use the phone with one hand. It is best for the people who intend to hold the phone with both the hands and use the S pen comfortably.

We will use the phone for longer durations to understand and confirm how ergonomically the phone is designed, but by the very first look, it depicts that you will be able to use the S-pen while you are standing still on a plain surface.

You will get 3 color options in Note 10 – Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura White. All the colors might not be available in the market currently however, you may want to check.

Now coming to Note 10 plus, it is even better in resolution than Note 10. The QHD resolution and higher spec display make it one of the attractive phones available in the market.

Both Note 10 and Note 10 plus has an Infinity-Of display, which means there is no notch in front of the phone and it is full screen like Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. There is a punch-hole cut out for placing a 10 MP front-facing camera, on the top center of the screen.

2. Camera:

Galaxy Note 10 plus does not have a very extraordinary camera. The camera’s setup is quite similar to the other Samsung phones that have been launched lately. It has a 12MP regular lens, 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide lens, and 12 MP f/2.1 telephoto lenses. The camera is equipped with the Depth Vision feature. The feature assists in sensing depth and provides a natural and illustrious effect to the photos. This is something that is missing in Galaxy Note 10.

You get to enjoy the bokeh effects on your video clips and live photos. Bokeh effect blurs the background of your photo, focusing on the subject.

Though this feature is available on the standard Note too, however, this worked much better in Note 10 Plus. The credit goes to the phone’s Depth Vision camera.

Apart from this, there is this ‘augmented reality’ mode. This mode allows you to draw on your video clips. You get a chance to edit your videos to make them more interesting. The phone also has a Zoom-in mic feature which lets you get clear audio whenever required while you are busy recording a video.

3. Specifications of Note 10 plus

Note 10 plus comes with an advanced S Pen which also supports gesture controls. The S Pen which has undergone massive transformation is what makes the Note 10 worth having. It imparts flawless receptiveness and is compatible with Bluetooth. This lets you control the apps and camera with ease even without touching the phone.

Samsung Note 10 Plus has 12GB RAM and allows you to choose among 256 GB and 512 GB built-in storage. The 512GB variant comes with a microSD card that lets you extend your storage to 1 TB.

The battery of the phone is of 4300mAh cell which lasts for 24 hours on a single charge.

In addition, the phone has a wireless charging facility and has a PowerShare feature. This feature converts your phone to a wireless charger; hence you get a chance to charge other gadgets using your Note 10 plus phone.

Galaxy Note 10 plus is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9825 chip similar to other Samsung phones.

4. Price and Verdict of Note 10 and Note 10 plus:

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus were launched at Samsung’s Unpacked 2019 event. The phone is available in the market since 23rd August.

The price of Note 10 is $1250 and Note 10 Plus in Singapore will cost you $1440. The Note 10 Plus is $200 more than Note 10.

Samsung Trade Up has already got its trade-in page up and running. The carriers are working on contract deals for the handset.

Samsung Galaxy S10 or Huawei P30, Which Phone is better

Numerous electronics companies are making smartphones. The leading suppliers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, One Plus, etc. are constantly improving their phones to grab the largest market share. Apple used to be the market leader but not anymore. Companies like Samsung and Huawei are giving tough competition with their latest smartphones.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone series has lured millions of buyers from all across the globe. Similarly, Huawei has also grabbed the attention of buyers from all across the globe. The recent conflict with the US government has thrilled Huawei, but this company is ready to fight back and introduce its P30 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 emerged as new sensations in the smartphone market. Both smartphones are available in the market and both are super smart. You may easily get confused between these two phones. Our assessment of S10 and P30’s specs and features will help you in choosing a better device for your communication, web browsing, and entertainment demands.

Samsung Galaxy S10:

The Galaxy S10 Plus has been the first choice of many people who want an advanced device with all the latest features. Yes, it is an expensive device that costs a whopping $999 and you can consider it a $1,000 phone. It is the starting price of the phone and this phone features an enormous 8GB RAM along with 128GB storage.

You will have to spend $1,249 if you want to buy a 512GB variant with 8GB RAM and $1,599 if you want a 12GB RAM variant of this phone. Do not lose your hopes too soon because you can get this phone for $540 with trade-in offers. Look for all the available deals and you will certainly find a cheaper deal on the internet.

Now, you might be wondering why galaxy S10 Plus costs such an expensive price and why shouldn’t I prefer the latest model of iPhone. This phone provides an abundance of features coupled with add-ons that no other smartphone offers. It is an all-screen phone which means you get it with the latest Infinity-O display.

This smartphone is a true visual treat without any bezels. Yes, there is a narrow chin on the bottom otherwise the whole display works as a widescreen. The designers have used a laser cutter to carve out holes for front cameras.

This smartphone is featuring Ultrasonic Fingerprint. It is much faster and pretty user-friendly to use. You get biometric security and that works quite fast. No, you cannot stare at your phone for unlocking the screen as you can do when using the latest iPhone model. This phone unlocks when you put your finger on the fingerprint scanner on the screen.

One more feature that every buyer checks before buying a new phone is the camera quality. The Galaxy S10 plus features wide-angle and dual selfie cameras. Picture quality is awesome because S10’s 12MP main shooter with a variable aperture will click exceptional images. Its additional 12MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom along with ultra-wide 16MP camera will allow you to capture 123° view in one click.

You will get a 10MP and an 8MP camera with the dual-pixel shooter and depth-sensing lenses. You do not get such impressive cameras with every phone. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great choice.

Huawei P30:

Let’s begin with what the experts say about Huawei P30. This model has got the attention of many tech experts across the globe. They have praised this phone as a great all-rounder. Some also call Huawei P30 as the most innovative device introduced till the date.

This smartphone has already got a lot of buyers across the globe even though it is smaller in size than the P30 Pro. It is a much better device than P20 and all the Huawei device users were waiting for the new release. Although this phone is providing numerous amazing features, it might not get a great response from buyers. Google has recently announced that it will not provide its operating system for new Huawei devices. It means new P30 phones will not run on Android OS. Huawei is developing its unique operating system to support new models. We will have to wait until that OS arrives in the market to assess how effective it is.

Huawei is the leading Chinese electronics company. It has always provided buyers with near-professional phone cameras. People love these smartphones because they get awesome camera quality without spending a lot of money. Just like other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Huawei knows how to deliver smartphones with the latest features without asking the buyers to pay hundreds of dollars.

Things were not going pretty great for Huawei until the US President Donald Trust announced that American software and electronics companies can deal with Huawei. Google is also among those companies and thus future looks brighter for Huawei P30. It is still in the competition and that affordable price will pull you more towards P30 than Galaxy S10.

This phone looks pretty amazing. It is a bit smaller and thinner than P30 Pro. However, both phones share many similar features. You get this phone with teardrop display and that Kirin 980 processor is simply amazing.

This phone is featuring extra rear camera lenses with 5x optical zoom. The picture quality is simply awesome and still, this phone is more affordable than Galaxy S10.

Final thoughts:

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30, both seem impressive in different areas. Yes, price is a big concern with the S10 but do not forget about those exciting features. Both phones are great in features and specs. However, Huawei’s recent troubles have forced many people to consider other viable alternatives. That’s why many people chose S10 over P30.

This company is going to launch the new operating system for all the Huawei smartphones. It is possible that other Chinese smartphone brands might also switch to Huawei’s latest OS. So, Google may not be the only OS provider for smartphones. Consider all these factors and then evaluate both phones.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Review: Reveal the Price, Specs, and Telco Plans in Singapore

Even though iPhones are pretty expensive, every buyer likes to take a look at the latest models to know what Apple is offering now. The world was eagerly waiting for new models of iPhone and Apple did not disappoint its customers. No more speculations now because the iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max are already there in the market.

These two models are improved variants of iPhone X. The new iPhones offer improved features and better user experience than iPhone X. Continue reading to reveal why the latest iPhone models are so exciting and what makes them better than other innovative smartphones.

What is new?

Apple is featuring the best combination of software and hardware in iPhone Xs and XS Max. You cannot spot the difference between these two models just by looking at them. Battery life and display look pretty identical.

The 6.5” OLED display featured with XS Max will certainly draw the attention of many people, who want to use devices with top quality display. iPhone XS is also coming with many exciting updates. It is featuring the latest camera system to capture better pictures. It is pretty hard to find an Android phone that can compete against XS in terms of picture quality. Such improvements simply improve the value ad performance of these phones.

The latest improvements can be summarized as:
• Both models are equipped with better cameras. Clicking high-quality pictures in low light conditions will not be a big issue for XS and XS Max users. The latest depth control for portrait also works flawlessly.
• Apple has equipped these phones with A12 Bionic chip which is much faster than the leading Android smartphone models.
• The regular iPhone XS might look as compelling as the XS Max because this model is featuring much longer battery life and a larger screen in comparison to XS.
• You must switch to iPhone XS or XS max if you are still using iPhone 7 or an earlier version of iPhone. These new features will totally change the way you use smartphones.

The design:

It would not feel much different if you are using Apple’s 5.8” iPhone X or 7 Plus. The buyers say its premium feel satisfies your demand of carrying the best smartphone in the world. The XS Max features a large size 6” display which makes it look a bit larger than its predecessors in size.

However, the truth is you get a larger screen on the same size smartphone. Apple has simply increased the size of the display without increasing the size of the phone. That’s the genius of Apple and iPhone designers. The bezels and buttons are reduced.

It is not one of those skinny-jeans phones. You may not be able to use this device by one hand. You will have to use both of your hands to operate iPhone XS and XS Max in a flawless way. These two phones are a bit heavier than Samsung Galaxy 9, but you will not find it difficult to carry either of iPhone’s two latest phones in your pocket.

Prefer using iPhone XS if you want a phone for one-handed use. It is 5.8” in size and it feels much shorter and narrower than the latest iPhone XS Max. Both models look perfect in Gold colors. Both models are featuring glass backs which reflect the light to make your phone look more eye-catching. Apple has stated that the latest iPhone models are featuring the most durable glass. We must wait for customer reviews to reveal the fact because one cannot find the truth without testing these devices.


Every company is competing to design bigger size smartphones. Apple is also in the competition now because its 5.8” iPhone XS and 6.5” XS Max are among some of the largest smartphones designed till the date. You can OLED display with XS Max. You can split the screen and run two apps together. Top quality display creates an illusion of using a desktop screen. You get better hues and experience true HD videos on these phones.


Apple’s iPhones have always faced criticism because of poor camera quality. Google’s Pixel 2 has won the battle against iPhone X because that phone captured better pictures in low light conditions. Now the latest iPhone XS and XS Max are featuring dual 12 MP cameras in the rear and a 7 MP front camera. These cameras have deeper pixels than any other smartphone available in the market. These phones can capture high-quality pictures in low light conditions. No sacrifice with sharpness, larger pixels, and top-notch aperture make XS and XS Max the best smartphones for photography.

Key specs:

Check the for Xs & Xs Max Specifications

iPhone XS:
• A12 Bionic Processor
• 5.8” OLED screen
• 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options
• Dual 12mp wide rear cameras with f/1.8 and telephoto f2.4 lenses and a 7mp front camera
• Battery can last up to 9 hours
• Featuring stainless steel frame
• Face ID

iPhone XS Max
• A12 Bionic Processor
• 6.5” OLED screen
• 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options
• Dual 12mp wide rear cameras with f/1.8 and telephoto f2.4 lenses and a 7mp front camera
• Battery can last up to 10:39 hours
• Featuring stainless steel frame
• Face ID
• Weighs 7.3 ounces

Final thoughts:

iPhone XS and XS Max came to market with some big advancements. Their massive OLED display is already making buzz across the market. That super fast A12 Bionic processor is a lot better than other processors. Much longer battery life, support for photography, gaming, entertainment, and split-view mode for some selected apps make XS and XS Max pretty impressive phones.

However, fast charging is still an issue and experts have also criticized these models for their storage capacity. The iPhone XS models start from $1,649 and XS Max models start from $1,799. You get three different variants of each model which offer different storage capacity. So, assess how much space you need on your phone before placing the order.

Smartphones Ruling the Singaporean Market in 2019

Apple was ruling the Smartphone industry in many countries for quite a long time. It was humbly dethroned by brands such as Huawei. Apple has also lost the tag of being the most innovative smartphone company in the world. No other smartphone brands are claiming to be the best.

2019 was expected to be a blockbuster year and many innovative devices have been introduced till the date. The year is still not over and there is a lot to come in the upcoming months. So, let’s reveal which are the most anticipated smartphones of 2019.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone:

Samsung is slowly becoming the most innovative smartphone brand in the world. It is investing in some physics-defying products which nobody could have anticipated a decade ago. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is anticipated to be the world’s leading Infinity Flex Display smartphone.

You can fold its OLED screen and then unfold it according to your requirements. It will be a 7.3” smartphone when you unfold it and a 4.58” phone when you will fold it. This phone will be able to automatically fold the display and we are talking about a single display that the user can fold and unfold.

It will take multitasking to the next level and you will be able to run three applications together on this phone. There are many exciting features which will lure people to buy this amazing device. It will feature two batteries and you can carry it easily in your pocket.

Oppo Find X:

Oppo is a new player in this game but it has quickly become a major name in the smartphone industry. It is constantly pushing the boundaries to bring some innovative devices in the market. Now Oppo is obsessed with 5G technology and it has a working prototype of a 5G smartphone in the testing phase.

It is called Find X 5G. Oppo has endorsed the engineering capabilities of this amazing phone in the Global Partners Conference in Guangzhou. Many people are impressed with this new smartphone but it is still not ready. You can expect it to get to the shops within a few months.

Nokia 9:

Nokia, once the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world, is now struggling to establish itself as a major player among other smartphone brands. That does not mean Nokia has lost its competitive spirit. This company is now fighting back and people still trust NOKIA.

It is currently producing stock Android smartphones and some of its models have lured the budget smartphone seeking buyers. This company cannot grab a big share in the market if it will only focus on producing budget-friendly smartphones. It will have to present some innovative solutions and that’s what Nokia is doing with its latest Nokia 9.

People were quite excited about this smartphone in 2018 and Nokia unveiled its futuristic product in February 2019. Featuring 5 primary cameras, Nokia 9 has emerged as an innovative solution for users’ photography demands.

These five cameras are equipped with a telephoto lens, colour, black-white, multi-lens, and a wide-angle lens. All in all, Nokia9 will feature a sophisticated camera for performing each specific task. It is already drawing numerous photography lovers towards its advanced specs.

iPhone X and Xs:

The world used to wait for something new when Steve Jobs was Apple’s CEO. Now this company seems like losing its grip on the market. However, Apple is still one of the leading smartphone brands in the world.

Its latest iPhone X and Xs were pretty popular during 2018. It is obvious that Apple is planning to introduce something truly unique this year. What is that unnamed phone or product, nobody knows yet.
There might be iPhone 11 if we speculate the ways iPhone series progressed in the past. There are rumours that the new iPhone Xs and XS Max will feature an OLED display along with the innovative bionic A13 chips. These chips are considered the best in terms of AI handling capabilities.

This company is no longer going to invest in 3D touch because it has already made Haptic touch the default in this year. We expect the trend to continue with the new device.

Apple has been a company that recognizes futuristic technologies and introduces new products with some innovative features. It is also known for removing important parts of devices such as 3.5mm jack, CD-Rom, etc. to feature something new.

As the rumours suggest, Apple might remove the notch iPhone’s display to reduce its size. Just like Nokia, Apple can also feature a new iPhone with three rear cameras. There are many rumours about Apple’s new device.

We should wait until Apple launches its new phone to learn what’s new they are offering now. Apple must offer something unique otherwise its customers might switch to other affordable smartphones.

What’s next?

Are you satisfied with the features offered by the existing smartphones? Well, you shouldn’t because that’s what encourages technology companies to bring something new in the market.

The old generation phones were doing pretty great business across the globe, but Steve Jobs was not happy with those devices. He decided to remove all the keys and present a new and innovative user interface. That was the iPhone which changed the way people used to operate their phones.

Today’s smartphones are almost like PCs and laptops. Yes, these devices are not as powerful as computers but you may soon get a Smartphone with supercomputing power. Samsung’s foldable Smartphone is the best example of what innovation looks like.

Companies like Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, Apple, and many others are working on new products. They are totally focused on their 5G devices. The fifth-generation smartphones are the next big things in the smartphone industry.

You may soon get a 5G smartphone in Singapore because Huawei is already testing its device. However, it is facing a ban from the US government which has slowed down Huawei’s progress but it is still willing to launch that 5G smartphone with its patent operating system very soon. The smartphone industry is going to feature some remarkable products within a few months. So, be ready to welcome those innovative devices.

Things Singapore Based Huawei Users Should Know

Huawei, the Chinese multinational technology company is facing a lot of troubles nowadays. If you do not know the recent incidents took place with Huawei, here you can reveal the latest details on troubles this company is facing.

The US government has blacklisted Huawei. Google has also decided to not provide its OS for Huawei smartphones. Facebook is also not going to allow Huawei users to use any of its apps. These are concerning news for the users who are planning to buy Huawei smartphones in Singapore. Therefore, you must reveal some important details before buying Huawei products.

What is the issue?

The United States of America and China are now indulged in a huge trade war. Huawei is facing the consequences of this trade war in terms of bans. The US government believes that this company has been monitoring activities of the American smartphone users for the Chinese government.

Although the US government has sanctioned ban only in the US territory, it is also going to affect all the Huawei device users across the globe. Huawei has accused US of cyberattacks to destroy its business across the globe. Continue reading to reveal how this decision is going to affect your life if you are using a Huawei smartphone.

Things every Singaporean Huawei smartphone user must know:

Concerned users are posting many queries and we have picked the most commonly asked questions about Huawei to resolve all your confusions.

Does it mean my Huawei smartphone will stop working in Singapore?
Do not worry about your phone because it will function properly. You can enjoy all the services offered by Google along with other Android apps. You will get software security updates at the right time and you can enjoy all the after-sales services provided by this company. So, do not worry about your phone because it will be fine.
What about Google Play, Maps, YouTube, and other crucial Google apps?
The latest news suggests that these services and Google’s apps will work without any trouble. The user will not experience any trouble in opening and operating these applications and Google services on Huawei phones.
Can I update existing Google apps on my Huawei phone?
Yes, open the apps available on your smartphone and update those apps through Google Play Store. You can easily find the latest version of the app and update the targeted apps to improve their performance.
Will I get updates on new Android OS?
Things get trickier from here. Google is not willing to prohibit Huawei from using the current version of its operating system on the devices sold till the date. However, Google has blocked Huawei from using future Android updates. It means the Chinese tech giant will have to use another operating system if it wants to launch new smartphones in the market.

The current Huawei smartphone users are running their devices on Android 8.0 (Oreo). They will not be able to use the latest 9.0 (Pie) variant. Being open-source software, Android does not prevent smartphone manufacturers from adding a layer on the top of basic feature to make their OS look unique. So, the existing users will get many future updates of Huawei’s EMUI.
Will I get Android security patches?
Some of you may not know what security patches are. Android security patches are regular updates provided by Google regularly. The hackers find flaws in software and therefore the outdated software is vulnerable to these elements.

All the existing Huawei devices will receive Android security patches to safeguard their devices against hackers. That US ban will not affect this service offered by Android OS because they have bought their devices before the ban.
Which Huawei smartphones are affected by US ban?
According to the available information, none of the existing devices faces issues. Huawei smartphone’s existing models which are sold across the Singapore market will get after-sales services, EMUI updates, can download and update apps, and can run Google apps including YouTube, Gmail, PlayStore, and more.
Can I run non-Google apps on future Huawei smartphones?
Facebook is not willing to allow Huawei devices to run any of its apps. No other company has blacklisted Huawei devices but you should keep checking information in the future.
Can I use new Android OS versions in the future?
As per available information, Google has refused to provide any future Android updates for Huawei smartphones. So, any Huawei phone user across the globe will not be able to update his/her Android OS.
How Huawei company’s issues will trouble me as a Huawei smartphone user?
A smartphone is nothing without its operating system. Huawei phones work on Android OS. These phones cannot do anything without that operating system. It is like the soul of that Smartphone. You can use only the current Android versions and you will be left behind if new updates arrive in the future.
If there is someone who can do anything about this issue is the Huawei team. They will have to come up with a new and powerful operating system for its phones. This company is developing its unique operating system and inviting app developers to design new apps for the upcoming Huawei smartphones. This company will produce phones with a new ecosystem and you will have to wait and see how that ecosystem is better or worse than Android and iOS.
Why Google is involved in this whole issue?
Google is a tech company and it is simply following the US government’s rules. Therefore, it is not going to offer any service for Huawei smartphones in the future. However, Google is not willing to implement a complete ban because it will affect Google’s market. Millions of Huawei smartphone users from all across the globe rely on Google for their demands. Google would never upset those users.

So, currently, the situation is pretty bad for Huawei. Company’s CEO is willing to do everything to resolve this conflict but the US government does not seem interested in any kind of negotiation now. So, we will have to wait and watch how things unfold in the future.

Some Exciting Facts You Must Know About the New OS by Huawei

The whole world knows Huawei, thanks to the USA. It has been in the news because the United States of America has banned this company from selling its products in the USA. Huawei faced these problems mainly because of its closeness with the Chinese government. Such incidents made Huawei vulnerable for the USA and probably that’s why the U.S. government decided to ban this company in America.

It was the Pentagon which banned the use of Huawei phones in US military bases in 2018 and then this company faced ban in all the other states. This issue has affected Huawei’s business but that does not mean Huawei cannot flourish.

The users found it too difficult to cope with Huawei’s ban because Google is not going to provide future updates for this brand’s smartphones. This policy has also affected Huawei smartphone users in Singapore and across the globe.

Huawei had only one option and that was working on its own operating system. So, now it has developed that OS which will be featured with new phones from this company.

What is the new Huawei OS?

There have been rumours about Huawei’s new OS names. People know it by many names and the most popular one is “HarmonyOS”. This company is trying to develop that sophisticated operating system since 2012.
Some other names also got people’s attention, such as ARK OS and Oak OS. However, some news agencies have revealed that this operating system will be known as “HarmonyOS” in the Chinese market.

When the new Huawei OS will launch?

iOS and Android have been the leading smartphone operating systems for quite a long time. No other mobile phone OS has survived in front of these two popular operating systems. Huawei was forced to develop its unique OS and it did pretty well.

The newly developed Huawei OS is currently in the testing phase and it will be launched around September this year. Any delay will cause a huge loss because it will be the time when the US ban will be enforced. Huawei had got this respite to clean up their business in the US market and find other sources to deal with. Now, it has a plan to follow and that OS is an integral part of Huawei’s plans.

Should you worry about the new Huawei OS?

Huawei is performing various tests to ensure this operating system works quite well. Google is quite worried about this new operating system because it is considered as a major security threat to all the users who use Huawei phones across the globe. This new operating system is essentially a rough version of Android. Google has not tested this version rigorously and therefore it will miss many essential features. There will be no play services which daily protect smartphone users against adware, malware, and security threats.

Even though Huawei develops its own operating system, the security will be the main concern according to Google. Incidents like hacking will be common with these phones and therefore, Google seems pretty concerned about this new operating system from the Chinese company.

Why does Google seem pretty concerned about Huawei’s new OS?

Although millions of people use iOS devices, Google is ruling the world by providing its Android OS for billions of smartphones. It cannot support Huawei devices anymore and this company has designed and developed its unique operating system now. So, Google seems losing its monopoly as the leading smartphone OS Company. In fact, Huawei is launching a new smartphone without Google Services.

It is obvious that millions of users might switch to this new OS if they find it beneficial for their demands. Thus, a new competitor will arise in front of Google which may deal with many leading Smartphone developing brands.

The leading Chinese tech giants such as One Plus, Vivo, Oppo are closely watching Huawei’s ban. All of these Chinese brands may refuse to feature Android OS and these brands may actually provide new phones with the latest Huawei operating system. Thus, Google will lose millions of users because Chinese smartphone brands are ruling the Asian market. Google may lose millions of Asian users within a very short time.

What are the latest updates on Huawei OS?

Some reliable sources have revealed that Huawei’s main focus is on launching its 5G services. The ban is fresh and this company has been appointed by Russia to build its 5G infrastructure. China has also offered this company a number of licenses to build 5G enabled technologies for the users in the country. Other latest updates from this company include:
• Facebook is not going to allow Huawei to build Facebook apps, including Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, and the main Facebook app for its phones. Yes, that is a huge blow but customers are still enjoying these services.
• The company CEO Liang Hua has expressed that he will sign a “No-Spy” deal with the US government to ensure it is not a security threat for the citizens in the USA.
• Although many US-based companies have threatened Huawei, its 5G juggernaut is not going to stop. Some other US allies such as New Zealand and Australia have also banned Huawei’s 5G devices, but 30 other countries are allowing this company to endorse its 5G devices.
• This smartphone brand is going to feature a totally new app store. It means, all the developers from all across the globe can create new apps for the latest Huawei OS and earn huge profit.
• The WiFi alliance (an international body which controls the development of the technology) has also banned Huawei. In simple words, this company will not be able to provide its inputs on new developments. However, it can use the existing technology to operate its devices.
• There are some media reports that suggest Huawei has reduced the production of its devices, but the company’s representatives have denied it.

Huawei is certainly in trouble and that new operating system is a big hope for this company. We will share more in the future when Huawei will official launch its new operating system.

Samsung Note 10 Singapore Price, Release Date, Specs and Review

Samsung is one of the leading electronics brands in the world. Apple has ruled the market for quite a long times through its innovations and new features. Now Samsung topping the chart in terms of popularity, new features, and improved user experience. People are waiting for new releases from Samsung and Samsung Note 10 is all set for its launch in Singapore.

Samsung Galaxy Note series is probably the most popular smartphone series after the iPhone. This brand has constantly introduced new phones under this series with various innovative features. It was the first to feature a stylus with the phone to turn it into a phablet. Although other brands did not believe in stylus, Samsung went to sell millions of smartphones with this unique feature. Now is the time for Samsung Note 10 to thrill the market again.

Check the for Note 10 & Note 10 Plus Performance Specifications

When you can get Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Singapore Stores?

The wait is almost over because this Smartphone will be available in Singapore stores on 24th August 2019. The company is planning to introduce four different variants of this phone. Yes, these are rumours and there is a good reason to believe these things because Samsung wants to surprise its customers.

The Note 10 will have a 6.3” display and another variant of this phone can come with 6.75” display. You may get this phone with 5G technology. It means, Samsung is providing the customers with a truly futuristic device which they can use for many years.

The design and display:

There were some leaks before revealing a few design styles, but no more rumours now. Samsung has always paid attention to the style demands of the users. As per the rumours leaked, Samsung Note 10 is going to feature a clean and to end display.

You can expect to get Samsung’s Infinity-O panel with the 6.3” display of this phone. Yes, there is a front camera on the top but no bezels. It may feature a super think bezel at the top and on the chin. Just like many other Smartphones, you will get a fingerprint sensor on the backside and you may also get a fingerprint sensor on the display. All in all, this phone is going to feature a great display and trendy design that every user would love to try.

Key specs and features:

We know you want to know more about this phone’s specs and features, therefore we have listed all the key features and specs that make Samsung Note 10 quite amazing.
Although this phone will be in the market within a few days, there are no reliable details regarding pixel count on the cameras. However, you may get three rear cameras with this phone. There will be a primary camera, a telephoto camera, and one ultra-wide camera. So, it is going to capture some amazing pictures for you.
Samsung used to offer phones with buttons for performing all kinds of actions. The mobile phones are changed and therefore the importance of the buttons is also changed. This brand offers Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant. A lot of people do not use it but often then enable this feature by accidentally pressing that button. You may not get that 3.5mm jack with this smartphone. Some users may consider it a big problem, but you can use a converter to get the job done. The wireless earphone is also going to be a great solution for Samsung Note 10 users.
This smartphone will be launched with Android 9 Pie. It is a straightforward choice and Samsung will also provide the users with its innovative One UI. So, this phone will be equipped with the latest software programs.
We are not pretty sure, but this phone is going to feature a Snapdragon 855 or an Exynos 9820 processor. These are the two latest processors which are considered quite powerful and exceptionally suited for playing high-quality smartphone games. Users will enjoy swift task switching if the Note 10 comes with one the two mentioned processors.
This smartphone will feature a 6.28” screen with 3040×1440 resolution. It is a special feature because it will be a Dynamic AMOLED screen with HDR10+. You will experience crispest quality content on your phone because of such amazing display features.
Samsung is going to offer a huge space for storing all your apps and other data on Note 10. You can expect it to get with 12GB RAM and much larger ROM.
Smartphones equipped with the latest features seek more battery power than ordinary phones. That’s why Samsung might provide a 4500 mAh battery with this phone. Yes, there will be a fast-charging capacity of 45W. You can charge that battery pretty fast and it will not drain for a long time. Unlike competitors, Samsung has always pleased its customers by offering phones with long battery backup. This time also you can expect similar performance.
Colour options:
This Smartphone is expected to be available in white, black, red, silver, pink, gradient pink, and gradient blue colours.
Samsung had introduced the first Galaxy Note in October 2011. It has come a long way and now Samsung Note has become a household name across the globe. Being one of the most popular smartphone series, Samsung Note series is going to continue including more models. People’s trust in this brand and the performance of Samsung’s devices will draw millions of others towards this phone. The demands for Note 10 and 10+ are already there. People just want to know the price, specs, and advanced features before they place the order.

What will Samsung Note 10 price in Singapore?
Samsung has not revealed the price and official specs yet. However, the experts believe it will be above $1,300. You must kindly wait till the launch date of this new Smartphone. We will provide further details on where you can buy it and what best offers you can get if you want to buy the latest Samsung Note 10.